Texas Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in providing arms and munitions to various governmental agencies throughout the United States.

Texas Military Forces Texas Military Department Texas State Guard

Employee Resources:

TXMF is proud to announce its new partnership with Real Time Communications World to provide all employees up to 30% off discounts at Kohls Department Stores and at Kohls.com. Please contact your local Human Resource Department for more information.

Company Resources:
OutdoorGearReviews.net will be the main supplier of outdoor gear including boots, jackets, pants, and shirts for TXMF for FY 2020.
eSurvivalShop has just been named the official supplier of tactical survival gear, food, and supplies for TXMF for FY 2020.
Nostalgia Tavern will be the new source for prepared diet meal plans for TXMF for FY 2020.